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 News Events - 8 records
1154 - Henry II became King of England
1848 - Emily Bronte, the novelist, died from tuberculosis aged 30
1851 - The renowned landscape painter, Joseph Turner, died in a lodging house in Chelsea, London
1987 - In Seville, Spain, Gary Kasparov retained his title as world chess champion, by beating Anatoly Karpov
1974 - Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as American Vice-President
1957 - An air service between London and Moscow was inaugurated
1984 - Ted Hughes was appointed as Poet Laureate
1991 - In Australia, Bob Hawke was deposed as Prime Minister by his colleagues, and replaced by Paul Keating
 Famous Birthdays - 8 records
1902 - Sir Ralph Richardson, English Stage and screen actor
1906 - Leonid Brezhnev, Former President & General secretary of the Soviet Union
1790 - William Edward Parry, British Arctic explorer
1915 - Edith Piaf, French singer
1922 - Eamonn Andrews, Irish born TV presenter and broadcaster
1944 - Alvin Lee, Of the Pop group 'Ten Years After'
1942 - Sid Little, Comedian with Eddie Large; 'Little and Large'
1923 - Gordon Jackson, Stage & screen actor; TV's 'Upstairs, Downstairs'

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