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 News Events - 8 records
1993 - Former Wimbledon champion Arthur Ashe, died in New York of AIDS
1988 - Torrential rains and flooding killed 120 people and injured thousands in Rio de Janeiro
1984 - US astronaut Bruce McCandless became the first person to 'Spacewalk' untethered to a spacecraft
1976 - A woman refereed an all male football match for the first time
1940 - Walt Disney's 'Pinocchio' had its world premiere, in the USA
1922 - During an outbreak of the disease 'Foot and Mouth', thousands of cattle were slaughtered
1878 - Pope Pius IX died, having reigned for over 31 years
1845 - A priceless glass Roman was broken by a drunken visitor to the British Museum
 Famous Birthdays - 8 records
1812 - Charles Dickens, Celebrated novelist; 'A Christmas Carol'
1478 - Sir Thomas More, Writer, statesman and Lord Chancellor
1949 - Alan Lancaster, Former member of the group 'Status Quo'
1923 - Earl of Harewood, Managing director of the English National Opera
1943 - Gareth Hunt, British TV actor; 'New Avengers'
1937 - Peter Jay, Former Ambassador to Washington
1924 - Dora Bryan, Actress appearing in over 50 films
1959 - Sammy Lee, Former Liverpool football player

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