Did You Know? This Day in History March 28
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 News Events - 8 records
1912 - During the annual 'Boat Race', both Oxford and Cambridge boats sank
1917 - The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was formed
1977 - The film 'Rocky', starring Sylvestor Stallone, won an Oscar for best film
1910 - Near Marseilles, France, the first ever seaplane took off
1979 - A serious radiation leak occured at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in the US
1969 - Dwight D Eisenhower, former President Of the US and wartime General, died
1945 - The last V2 German rocket of World War II fell on London
1964 - Radio Caroline, Britains first 'pirate' radio station, began broadcasting from a ship at sea
 Famous Birthdays - 7 records
1921 - Sir Dirk Bogarde, Stage and screen actor
1660 - King George I, Became King of Great Britain in 1714
1942 - Neil Kinnock, Former Labour Party leader
1483 - Raphael,Italian painter, and architect. Rebuilt St Peters
1948 - Matthew Corbett, TV Entertainer; the 'Sooty show'
1935 - Michael Parkinson, Broadcaster and TV presenter
1902 - Flora Robson, English actress

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