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 News Events - 10 records
1986 - Sport Aid, helping to raise money for the starving in Africa, took place
1945 - Arthur C.Clark suggested using relay satellites to cover the Earth
1961 - President Kennedy announced the plan to send men to the Moon
1953 - Road transport was denationalised in Britain
1935 - Athlete Jesse Owens set six world records in under an hour
1914 - The Irish Home Rule bill was passed
1703 - Samuel Pepys, the English diarist, died
1907 - The first national assembly, in which women had parliamentary seats, opened in Finland
1910 - French troops occupied Morocco, North Africa
1768 - Explorer Captain Cook set sail on his first voyage
 Famous Birthdays - 7 records
1803 - Ralph W. Emerson, American poet
1939 - Ian McKellen, English actor
1945 - Dave Lee Travis, Disc jockey
1938 - Margaret Forster, Author
1926 - Miles Davis, American jazz trumpet player
1881 - Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer
1892 - Josip Tito, Former Yugoslavian president

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