Did You Know? This Day in History January 25
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 News Events - 10 records
1995 - The maxium speed limit for cocahes in Britain was reduced to 65 mph
1992 - A selection of America's popular films began showing on Soviet television
1990 - The American film actress, Ava Gardener, died in London
1985 - The first ever international hockey match was held
1984 - The government announced a ban on union membership at GCHQ
1981 - The Social Democrats party was formed in UK
1974 - Dr Christian Barnard performed a heart transplant, leaving the original heart in place
1972 - The Worlds first kidney & pancreatic tissue transplant was carried out in London
1924 - The first ever Winter Olympic games were held, in French alps
1917 - The United States bought the Virgin islands for 25 million dollars
 Famous Birthdays - 7 records
1759 - Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet
1882 - Virginia Woolf, English novelist
1922 - Raymond Baxter, Broadcaster; presenter of 'Tomorrows World'
1939 - Angela Thorne, Actress
1944 - Leigh Taylor-Young, Hollywood actress
1956 - Andy Cox, Of the Beat/Fine Young Cannibals
1962 - Emma Freud, Television presenter

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