Did You Know? This Day in History August 28
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 News Events - 7 records
1990 - Kuwait was declared the 19th province of Iraq, by Saddam Hussein
1984 - DJ's Peter Powell & Mike Read were rescued, when their speedboat sprang a leak off the Cornish coast
1973 - Princess Anne visited Russia, becoming the first member of the Royal Family to do so
1972 - Prince William of Gloucester died, when his aircraft crashed during an air show
1967 - The Inventor of Monopoly, Charles Darrow, died
1963 - Over 200,000 people marched through Washington in a civil rights demonstration; joined by many stars
1789 - William Herschel discovered Enceladus, a moon of Saturn
 Famous Birthdays - 8 records
1828 - Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian author of 'War and Peace'
1915 - Max Robertson, Tennis commentator
1925 - Donald O'Connor, US song and dance man on both TV and film
1943 - Elain Mellor, British jockey
1944 - David Soul, American singer and actor; TV's 'Starsky and Hutch'
1943 - Annie Honey Lantree, Of the 'Honeycombs' pop group
1949 - Hugh Cornwall, Of the Pop group 'The Stranglers'
1840 - Ira Sankey, American Hymn writer

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