Did You Know? This Day in History August 23
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 News Events - 7 records
1989 - English born Jane Webber, a Canadian citizen, became the first woman to cross the Atlantic single handed
1987 - French racing driver Didier Peroni and two companions were killed in a powerboat race off the Isle of Wight
1977 - New, smaller pound notes, were introduced into the UK
1940 - German bombers began night time attacks (The Blitz) on London
1926 - Known as the worlds greatest screen lover, Rudolph Valentino died aged 31 after an appendix operation
1914 - The Emperor of Japan declared war on Germany
1793 - In France, the first ever national conscription was introduced for unmarried men from ages 18 to 25
 Famous Birthdays - 8 records
1912 - Gene Kelly, Hollywood song & dance man, also producer/director
1905 - Constant Lambert, Composer and conductor of Sadler's Wells Ballet
1942 - Roger Greenaway, Songwriter
1953 - Bobby Gee, Of the Pop group 'Bucks Fizz'
1943 - Rt Hon Peter Lilley, Conservative politician
1949 - Shelly Long, American actress
1947 - Willy Russell, Playwright; 'Educating Rita' & Shirley Valentine'
1949 - Geoff Capes, English ex policeman; famous for his feats of strength

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