Did You Know? This Day in History March 02
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 News Events - 7 records
1988 - The Liberals and Social Democrats merged to form the Liberal Democrats
1986 - The Queen signed a proclamation giving Australia legal independence
1972 - The American Pioneer 10, bound for the planet Jupiter, was launched
1970 - Rhodesia became an independent republic from Britain
1969 - The supersonic aircraft Concorde made its first test flight in France
1958 - The Antartic was crossed for the first time by Dr Vivian Fuchs
1882 - An assassination attempt was made on the life of Queen Victoria
 Famous Birthdays - 7 records
1923 - Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westmister
1931 - Mikhail Gorrbachev, Former soviet leader
1950 - Karen Carpenter, Singing member of the 'Carpenters'
1958 - Ian Woosnam, Welsh born golfer
1949 - J.P.R Williams, Welsh rugby player
1793 - Sam Houston, Texan leader
1949 - Naomi James, Yachtswoman and author

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