Did You Know? This Day in History August 30
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 News Events - 8 records
1983 - Guy Bluford became the first black American in space
1981 - In Iran, the President and Prime Minister were killed by a bomb
1930 - Morris Cars announced the arrival of the Morris Major costing 215 pounds
1936 - The record for crossing the Atlantic was gained by the liner 'Queen Mary', winning the 'Blue Riband'
1900 - There was an outbreak of bubonic plague in Glasgow
1901 - Hubert Cecil Booth patented the first vacuum cleaner
1926 - Jack Hobbs scored 316 at Lords, the highest individual score recorded at the ground
1860 - Birkenhead Street Railway began operation of Britains first trams
 Famous Birthdays - 7 records
1797 - Mary Shelley, English novelist and creator of 'Frankenstein'
1917 - Lord Dennis Healey, Labour politician & former Chancellor
1951 - Rosemary Brown, Better known as the Irish singer 'Dana'
1896 - Raymond Massey, Canadian born actor
1943 - Jean-Claude Killy, French downhill skier
1935 - John Phillips, Of the Pop group 'The Mamas And The Papas'
1908 - Fred MacMurray, American film actor

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